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Tiff Fehr

Computer Programmer

Profile Date:

When did you start boxing?  

What type of boxer did you begin as?
Recreational boxer

What were you doing at the time?
Just working.

What were your goals at the time?
Learn a new self-defense oriented sport and find a solid workout, too.

Did you compete?

If so, how many years did you compete?
1 year

What were your Competitive Highs?
Just competing and going to events with my teammates.  The actual competitors didn’t matter as much as the camaraderie and cheering for the team.

What have you learned from boxing?
A sense of comfort in knowing my boundaries better, around fear, pain and physical effort.  And that I can allow them to happen then push past them when needed.  I also learned to enjoy rather unconventional physical fitness routines, like a fondness for bag work and medicine balls.  I now have an innate sense of a three-minute timer that’s pretty accurate.  Also, impressive jump-rope techniques.

What do you love the most about boxing?
Learning to have confidence in my body’s coordination and reflexes, which are still quite sharp even after a few years of retirement.  And, of course, learning some self-defense ability and assuredness if something bad happens—the idea of taking a blow is a lot less scary.

What do you want to pass on to boxers who are following in your footsteps?
Enjoy your teammates and gym mates, who are all strong-minded, interesting people who each find their own path to a boxing gym—that kind of decision is not for everyone.  Boxing buddies are be some of the most diverse and interesting people you’ll meet.  And for those who spar, it’s a gift to have someone to trust you to punch them and even encourage you to do it better and harder.