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Why would you get in the Ring with Floyd Mayweather?







I admire the emotional fortitude of boxers like Marcos Maidana. What kind of skills does it take to step into a situation where there’s a really good chance you’re going to lose? And what, exactly, stands to be gained from such a loss?

One of the coolest things about being a boxing coach is that questions like this don’t just apply to fighters at the highest level of the sport. They apply to amateur competitive boxers and they apply to the lives we lead outside of the Ring.

There’s value in a competitive boxer taking on a very difficult match. The boxer is given the opportunity to confront his or her fear at a deeper level than would be possible if he or she just fought people who were easy to beat. More importantly, the boxer gets a glimpse at what is needed to make it to the Next Level. Training schedules can be set to take on the now slightly less unknown.

It is no different outside of the Ring. In promising myself that I will write a blog post once a week for three months, I am taking on my equivalent of…maybe not Mayweather…but  at least Omar Figueroa. I know I’m going to get knocked around by this challenge. I can be honest about that. But I also know that at the end of the match, I’ll have glimpsed what it takes to move to that elusive Next Level.


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