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What you want: a match, a win, and a trophy

Definitions: A match is a test of your skill. A win is knowing what you gained from your test. And a trophy is a marker of your win, something to remind you of the match and win.

As a competitive boxer, I looked at it pretty directly. A match meant getting into the Ring with some other boxer and pummeling her for three rounds. A win meant the ref raised my hand. And a trophy was something I could show off in the Gym the next day.

As a Coach, I see different angles. A match is a test of your skills, whatever that test might be. At times it will be in the Ring and at times it will be in the Gym or in your life. Your match might be the fact you injured your hand before a big tournament. This match could test you in ways that a match in the Ring never would. The principles of a Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle Program- Dedication, Courage, Stamina and Emotional Fortitude- those things will be put to a stiff test in the Injury Match. Will you get discouraged and quit? Will you spend your training time complaining about how you can’t use your hand? How will you fight that match? What kind of Boxer will the match show you to be?

The win is knowing what you gained. In the Injury Match, did you gain strength in pouting, complaining or feeling sorry for yourself? Or did you win an increase in your Dedication to your training? Did you win an ability to work hard and train hard no matter what obstacles were in your way? Did you win a different understanding of what kind of a person you really are?

And finally the trophy! We love our shiny trophies. Even now, I like to look for the ones I won up on the wall at the Gym. They aren’t valuable because of what they are made of but because of what they represent. When you take on a match like the Injury Match, you deserve a trophy for it. Pick something from around the house that’ll remind you of what you gained from your big win.



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