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Victory at White Center PAL event

Congratulations to CBC boxer Emile Gauvin on his win at White Center PAL’s July 18th event. Emile’s 7th fight was against Tenochitlan’s tough boxer Nico who has had over 15 fights. Going into it, Emile knew he would have to be in top condition as well as mentally prepared to go to war. In the first round, Emile worked to establish his jab, finding his range and keeping Nico on the outside. The round was close and could have gone to either boxer. CBC Head Coach Ann Bailey urged Emile to throw more punches and come out stronger in the second, pressing his advantage. Using the conditioning he worked so hard to develop in the 6 weeks leading up to the fight, Emile came out and set a blistering pace in the second round, clearly dominating. The third round went the way of the second, with Emile barely slackening his pace and effectively using his burgeoning Philly Shell style cover to protect himself from Nico’s powerful right hand.

All in all, a great fight. CBC gives props and appreciation to Nico who fought with a lot of heart and, as all Tenochitlan’s boxers do, showed great sportsmanship. We’re looking forward to seeing him fight again soon!

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