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The Sam Owen Project (2009)

This Project was established in the name of Sam Owen, a Youth Boxer who died of cancer. The Goal of the Sam Owen Project was to provide Boxers with the opportunity to increase awareness of how to use their training to take on Personal Matches that seem overwhelmingly difficult. This Project pays tribute to Sam and his family, who chose to Align and remain present during the process of Sam’s illness and death.  Sam Owen and his family faced a tragic situation the best they knew how. Day after day they encountered a shifting range of emotions; disbelief, hurt, anger, denial, grief, even joy and playfulness- the list of emotions goes on and on. They used their training to Align and remain present in the moment, no matter how difficult the moment was. One of Sam’s requests was that his story be passed on in the hope others might benefit from the kind of unique courage it takes to Align in the face of tragedy.

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