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Community Life Skills Workshops (2014)

We kicked 2014 off with another great project sponsored by Swedish Hospital. The purpose of this Project was to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the Community to gather together and learn physical life skills.

As a Gym and Community Resource, we feel there has been a disruption in the cycle of passing on physical life skills. Things like changing a tire, hammering a nail, using a screwdriver, performing first aid and understanding basic health criteria are no longer common knowledge among youth or adults. Boxing Gyms are centers of traditional learning. Skills are passed on from generation to generation. With this Project, we have taken a step to provide the expertise to connect people with these valuable life skills.

The Project consisted of four separate two-hour long workshops. The workshops covered: CPR/First Aid, Basic Tool Use, Basic Car Maintenance, Basic House Maintenance.

For the CBC, this was an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and work hard at something we hadn’t taken on before. It was also a great way to reach out into the Central District, making connections with other Community groups and getting the word out about the work we do!