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Community Health and Well-Being Project (2013)

As part of an on-going collaboration with Swedish Hospital, this Project provided a format for Youth to dialogue with established experts in their field, business owners and local legends. The Youth conducted a series of interviews and field surveys of the Central Area over the course of 12 weeks.

This Project was launched on March 12, 2013. Teams included Youth Boxers, one Coach and one Expert in their field. Each Team completed two routes per week for the next five weeks.

Each Route included an exploration of Central District neighborhoods, an open dialogue about Community Health and Well-Being, and an interview with a local business participant. Teams began each Route by meeting up at Cappy’s Boxing Gym. From the Gym, each Team set out on foot, traveling approximately 1.5 miles to reach their destination. As the Team traveled, they identified visible signs of Community Health and Well-Being. When the Team arrived at the Landmark Business, the Youth Boxers would interview the Business representative for approximately 15 minutes.

After each Route, the Coach filled out a Post-Route report and created a blog post which was published in the Central District News. The Youth Boxers also participated in a series of special Gym workouts which were designed to help them understand what they were learning.

 The Outcome of this Project was layered and complex. The Youth who participated in the Project got the opportunity to not only meet Community Members they didn’t know, but they benefited from hearing Stories of how the Central District came to be and exist today. They learned listening and interviewing skills and came to realize that their Boxing Training has much in common with Challenges that others face on a day-to-day basis.

The Coaches involved in this Project tapped into depths of Dedication, Courage, Stamina, and Emotional Fortitude that they didn’t know they had. They honed their Communication Skills and breathed life into the Project with flair.

The Business Owners and Route Experts welcomed the opportunity to tell their Stories, to interact with Youth and Cappy’s Boxing Gym in a new way. And, Swedish Medical brought an essence of profound caring deep into the Community through this Project. Their commitment to the Health and Well-Being of all was clearly evident.

Thank you to everyone past, present and future who has put their heart and soul into the Central Area, making this a home for many and a place where we continue to strive for excellence.