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At Risk Youth Collaboration (2013)

The purpose of this Project was to utilize Boxing Training to provide Life Skills for Youth At Risk. Six Youth from the Seattle Youth Violence Initiative participated in this Project for a total of ten weeks. The Youth were woven into Cappy’s Youth Program on Wednesdays.

There were a number of important outcomes of this Project. First, the participating Youth all gained in Boxing Skills and Life Skills. And the conclusion of the Project, the Youth interviewed listed “technique”, “stress management”, “learning how to work hard in life” and “not giving up on myself” as things they learned from the Project.

As always, Cappy’s Boxing Club operates on many levels. The second important outcome of the Project was that the Coaching Staff gained valuable Life Skills practice. The Project required weaving the experiences of 20 plus Youth Boxers, four assistants, one Life Skills Coach and one Youth Coordinator into an hour of class.

Lastly, collaborating with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative provided opportunities to practice communication, flexibility, and community connection. Working with the Staff of SYVPI helped strengthen Cappy’s connection to the larger Central District community. The Gym will continue to reinforce this ties as three of the SYVPI Youth have opted to continue training at the Gym with financial support from Gym Members.