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Competitive Boxing


Cappy’s Boxing Club (CBC), an amateur boxing club, trains at Cappy’s Boxing Gym. Cappy’s Boxing Club was formed in 1993, is registered with USA Boxing, and is open to females and males ages 8 – 34.

Cappy’s Boxing Club (CBC) trains boxers to compete and win at a local, regional, national, international and Olympic level.

If you want to compete as an amateur boxer, Cappy’s Boxing Club is the place to begin.

Your training will develop your strengths in and out of the ring.  Boxing teaches discipline, dedication, mental focus and emotional management.  The training routine is tough and the rewards are huge.


To join Cappy’s Boxing Club:

  • Complete a minimum of ten Boxing Lessons at Cappy’s Boxing Gym
  • Apply to join the Competitive Team
  • Once your skills and competitive aptitude are Assessed you will have three months to fulfill specific requirements
  • As part of the team you will be expected to train consistently, pay monthly dues and be available on weekends for competition.

If interested email ann@cappysgym.com or call 206 322 6410.