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Community Outreach Projects

At Cappy’s Boxing Club we are invested in becoming involved in our community.

Below are some of the projects we have been involved in.

The Sam Owen Project (2009)

This Project was established in the name of Sam Owen, a Youth Boxer who died of cancer. The Goal of the Sam Owen Project was to provide Boxers with the opportunity to increase awareness of how to use their training to take on Personal Matches that seem overwhelmingly difficult.

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Quincy Coleman Project (2008)

The Quincy Coleman Project was launched in honor of Quincy Coleman, an ex-Youth Boxer who was shot and killed in Fall of 2008. The Goal of the Quincy Coleman Project was to provide Boxers with the opportunity to increase awareness of the kinds of stress they typically experience. They used their training to develop ways of dealing with stress in and out of the Ring.

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Neighborhood Clean-Up Project (2008)

The Goal of this Project was to clear the church overflow lot near the Gym of weeds and litter. Boxers were given the opportunity to earn money toward dues as well as become more integrated into the Community. They were trained in beginning Tool Use as part of Cappy’s Life Skills program.

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Life as it is in the Ring (2008)

This Project focused on increasing Boxers awareness of reactions to outside forces. The participating Boxer was trained to increase leverage in both running and boxing, increase the ability to hear and apply verbal coaching without judgement and increase the ability to find enjoyment in the physical and emotional challenges of roadwork and boxing.

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