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Community Outreach Projects

At Cappy’s Boxing Club we are invested in becoming involved in our community.

Below are some of the projects we have been involved in.

Bully Story (2016)

This project built off the Passing On Our Stories project. A local hip hop dancer and instructor provided a beautiful short video of a bully story dance.

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Passing On Our Stories (2015)

This project brought together 15 local youth in a safe environment to speak up, make mistakes, and support one another both as a whole and within smaller mentor groups.

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Community Life Skills Workshops (2014)

We kicked 2014 off with another great project sponsored by Swedish Hospital. The purpose of this Project was to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the Community to gather together and learn physical life skills.

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At Risk Youth Collaboration (2013)

The purpose of this Project was to utilize Boxing Training to provide Life Skills for Youth At Risk. Six Youth from the Seattle Youth Violence Initiative participated in this Project for a total of ten weeks.

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Youth Legacy Leadership Project (2013)

Through the training they provide, Boxing Gyms create legacies in the Community. Linking directly to the powerful success of the Community Health and Well-Being Project, the Youth Legacy Leadership Project continued Cappy’s Boxing Gym’s legacy of developing strong Youth Leaders.

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Community Health and Well-Being Project (2013)

As part of an on-going collaboration with Swedish Hospital, this Project provided a format for Youth to dialogue with established experts in their field, business owners and local legends. The Youth conducted a series of interviews and field surveys of the Central Area over the course of 12 weeks.

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Live a Boxer’s Lifestyle Project (2012)

We teamed up with Swedish Hospital for a project that brought awareness to the Four Fitness Principles. The Four Fitness Principles are Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Mental Focus. During this Project, Youth Boxers learned how to develop habits of health and fitness that prepared them to meet their goals and move to the next level of training.

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Central District History Project (2011)

Boxing has always been an important part of Central District Culture. The CD History Project gave four Washington Middle School Youth the opportunity to learn to box and to link their Community History by working together to produce a report on an influential Central District Boxer.g.

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Boxers At Risk Project (2010)

Traditionally, the sport of boxing attracted those who came from broken homes. The modern boxer doesn’t tend to want to be known as having come from a broken past. We all want to be champions, to look good, to fit in, be praised and accepted for our good qualities. We don’t want our traumas to be know. This Project brought awareness to the fact that a Boxer is at risk in the ring, if s/he cannot recognize when old habits of protection are inadequate.

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African Pen Pal Project (2009)

This Project was created to provide an interactive experience for Boxers from different cultures. The Boxers were given the opportunity to read letters sent from Paray Boxing Club members and respond via letter, drawing or comic strip during Youth class. During this process the Boxers were given physical stretching, Body Alignment and strengthening Drills.

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