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CBC Updates for July!

Training Updates

CBC Roadwork has completed their six week focus of increasing the anaerobic threshold. The next CBC Roadwork session will prepare the boxers for the Best of the Northwest Tournament. There will be longer track workouts, building up to running 5 miles at a time. Running longer distances will improve stamina, and thus, increase the Boxers’ ability to compete in the tournament format (multiple matches in 2 days).

Community Outreach Updates

Towards the end of June, two of our Senior Youth Boxers, Brennan and Lynna, began working on their interviewing and sparring skills, simultaneously. Links between interviewing and boxing were made through discussion. In the ring, sparring drills helped with the visualization of that connection. At the end, the Feeler Jabs, tight covers, body shots and counter punches were all part of the interviewing process. Brennan and Lynna recently had a practice interview with Recreational Boxer Paul Swegle. In the coming weeks, they will interview their CBC predecessors.

Manager’s Corner

At Cappy’s, our motto is: Live A Boxer’s Lifestyle. The goal is to incorporate the skills we learn in the gym into our everyday lives. No, that doesn’t mean punching people. It means everything we do has a connection to boxing and every situation could be looked at in terms of boxing. When I go for a run, I’m aware of my alignment and I push down through my feet with every stride. Now I understand why Boxers in the movies shadow box while they run. Besides being aware of my body, Living A Boxer’s Lifestyle means fighting matches beyond the ring. Dealing with social situations and anxiety are my matches. The key is to understand how your body reacts to the discomfort and to turn that into usable energy to fight the match. “Sparring can make you realize tendencies and habits you may have. If you tuck up into your cover when someone starts unloading on you it might make you aware that you don’t function well under pressure,” says Brennan. Cappy’s Boxing Gym—gaining boxing skills and life skills all at once.

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