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Cappy’s Boxing Gym opened in October, 1999, on the corner of 20th and E. Union. The space had low ceilings and a long, narrow shape. The bathroom was in the hallway, and was shared by clients from the Beauty Parlor next door.

In February of 2002, Cappy’s Boxing Gym moved to its current home, 1408 22nd Ave. As Cappy’s Boxing Gym moves into its teenage years, it is a good time to reflect upon its History and to fill in a few more details.

Cappy’s Boxing Gym’s Founder and Owner, Cappy Kotz, began boxing at the age of nine. From a rural area, with no Boxing Gym to be had, he made himself a punching bag out of a burlap bag filled with hay, strung it from a cherry tree and donned a pair of his Father’s boxing gloves left over from the army. Not the most systematic way of learning, but if boxing is in your blood, in your blood it is until allowed to be expressed. By the time Cappy was in his early twenties and finally made it to a big city where boxing gyms were to be had, he began earnestly training, working with as many different boxers and coaches as he could.

Cappy very quickly adapted a boxing workout to meet Personal Clients’ needs to get in shape, release stress and manage unruly emotions. Eventually, some clients wanted to pursue sparring, then others wanted to compete, and, in 1993, Cappy started the Capitol Hill Boxing Club, an amateur team registered with USA Boxing.

The first motto of the Gym, Boxing for Everyone, established a precedent that exists today. Everyone can benefit from a boxing workout. It’s a great way to get in shape, release stress and manage emotions. The gym’s second motto, Training Is Your Trophy, refers to the fact that training is enough, you don’t need to compete to get the value of putting in the time and effort. The third motto, In Life As It Is In The Ring, helps people link up what they do in the gym to what they do in everyday life.

Cappy’s Boxing Gym offers ages 8 – 60+ the opportunity to use boxing for his / her own purpose. Over the years the gym has become a Community Hub of training, learning and Community Outreach.

In 2006, the Competitive Club (newly named Cappy’s Boxing Club), became a non profit 501(3)(c). This brought the competitive Club closer to the Gym through the launching of Community Outreach Projects. Cappy’s Community Outreach Projects tell many, many stories of Community; people who live here, our individual and collective History and Goals, a complex and rich tapestry of Community Lore.

In 2011, Cappy’s Boxing Club hosted the first Central District Boxing Revival at the Garfield Community Center. Boxing has always been an important part of American History, and is one of the deepest roots of Community Stories. The Boxing Revival was well attended, and it is our goal, with Community Support, to keep it alive every year.

Many, many people have come through the doors of Cappy’s Boxing Gym. Young and old, Fitness, Recreational and Competitive Boxers, male and female, all colors and sizes, from different walks of life – we have had the blessing to work with talented Coaches and Staff, have entered the Olympic Ring along with Queen Underwood, Olympic Hopeful 2012, and best of all, have become a legacy in our own time.